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Three-layer co-extrusion internal bubble cooling haul-off rotary film blowing machine

Join Date:  2022-07-27

1. Main usage

Applicable for the materials as LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, etc. It is widely used to manufacture composite film basic material, liquid film, contractive film, protective film, cable film macromolecule adhesive film, multifunctional industrial film products, can better meet operational requirements of high accuracy and high speed color printing, composite and painting products.

2. Features of the machine set

• The tractor adopts horizontal swing rotation which replaces the die rotation and simplifies die structure, It solves problems of leakage, poor sealing and maintenance and improves the quality of film.

• The IBC internal bubble cooling system improves film quality and transparency, finally increases the output.

• High precision fold diameter control system reduces deviation by controlling air blower speed and adjusting air flow.

• EPS photoelectron correct errors system can correct automatically, which ensures the roll film evenly.

• High accurate mould and effective air cooling system ensure high quality film and output.

IBC membrane bubble internal cooling system: introduce foreign advanced technology, use ultrasonic sensor to process the measured signal by computer, adjust the air volume by adjusting the fan speed of pumping cold air flow into the membrane bubble and discharging hot air flow out of the membrane bubble, so as to ensure the size of the membrane bubble break diameter.

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