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Reasons and solutions for edge warping of paper bag machine

Join Date:  2022-06-23

1: The heat sealing temperature is too high or too hot or the heat sealing time is too long, resulting in damage and folding of the paper bag material

Solution: adjust the heat sealing temperature to the normal temperature;

2: In the longitudinal heat sealing knife part, the running track of the composite film is not straight

Solution: select the inner sealing base material with low temperature heat sealing property;

3: The films in the composites have poor heat resistance;

Solution: re select the surface substrate film;

4: Improper control of the tension matching of the composite substrate in the composite process leads to residual stress after curing and shaping, especially when the thickness of the composite film is thin

Solution: adjust the tension of each part of the composite processing equipment, and try to make the shrinkage rate of the two composite substrates equal.

5: The thickness of paper bag materials is inconsistent;

Solution: adjust the tension of floating roll;

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