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Film blowing machine proper use method

Join Date:  2017-03-06

Film blowing machine is heated to melt the plastic particles and then blown film. Film blowing machine many different kinds, with PE, POF, etc. We use the new particle is the new material, color and all that, clean, good stretch the bag. It was also made of recycled plastic bags to particles, which are generally called the old material, made of particles is usually gray, usually in bags made to add coloring, coloring bags made of uneven, brittle and easily broken prices lower. Let's us see film blowing machine Proper use method.

Film blowing machine proper use method:

1. Check the temperature controlled well, heating appliances in good condition, pay attention to various points in time adjust the heating temperature in the target range.
2. Check the speed traction control film thickness.
3. Observe the uniformity of film thickness adjustment, fold Path to standard.
4. Check the air pressure storage cylinder can not be too high, but should be back-pressure.
5. Check control ratio of raw materials and mix evenly.
6. Check whether the impurities of raw materials, in particular, should be promptly mixed with iron magnet inspection.
7. Check gear box bit and air compressor cylinder oil lubrication.
8. Checked regularly run motor and mechanical transmission temperature conditions.

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