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Causes and solutions of uneven film blown by film blowing machine

Join Date:  2022-08-25

    During the use of the film blowing machine, the uneven film blown by the film blowing machine is a very common fault. What are the reasons for this fault? What is the solution? Here are some common problems and solutions.

1. The temperature distribution at the die mouth is uneven, with high and low, so that the film thickness after blowing is uneven;

Solution: adjust the die mouth temperature of the die head to make the die mouth temperature uniform.

2. The air supply around the cooling air ring is inconsistent, resulting in uneven cooling effect and uneven film thickness;

Solution: adjust the cooling device to ensure uniform air volume at the air outlet.

3. Improper blowing ratio and traction ratio make it difficult to control the film bubble thickness;

Solution: adjust the expansion ratio and traction ratio.

4. The traction speed is not constant and constantly changes;

Solution: check the mechanical transmission device to keep the traction speed constant.

5. The uniformity of the die gap directly affects the uniformity of the film thickness. If the die gap is not uniform, the gap at some parts is larger and the gap at some parts is smaller, resulting in more or less extrusion volume. Therefore, the film thickness formed is also inconsistent, some parts are thin and some parts are thick;

Solution: adjust the die gap of the machine head to ensure that all parts are uniform.

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