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Advantages of ABA plastic film blowing machine

Join Date:  2022-06-09

   Single layer extruder is more than enough for general bag production, but ABA (3-layer) Co extruder has advantages over single-layer extruder in some applications, such as garbage bags, shopping bags and T-shirt bags with higher thickness (20 to 100 microns) or requiring higher film strength.

   And the garbage bags produced by ABA plastic film blowing machine may be more effective. It can not only bear greater weight, but also has higher tear resistance, preventing sharp objects (such as branches) from tearing the film.

   In addition to producing higher strength films, ABA blown film extruders also allow manufacturers to use more recycled materials and calcium carbonate compounds in the mixture. Its advantages are particularly evident in the production of higher thickness films, in which the material cost can be significantly reduced, while still maintaining good film quality - the surface is glossy and conducive to sealing, despite the use of a high proportion of recycled materials.

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