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ABA plastic film blowing machine technology: thinner and stronger film with lower production cost

Join Date:  2022-05-12

ABA film blowing machine provides greater flexibility in film formulation. The strength of three-layer film is 30% higher than that of single-layer film, and the production cost can be saved by 50%. Based on the unique screw design, up to 60% CaCO3 can be added to the machine with excellent mixing effect.

By using a gravimetric 4-component metering device, the operator can control the accuracy of the formula when mixing the main material resin (raw or recycled) with additives, fillers and color masterbatch. Compared with other plastic film blowing machines, ABA film blowing machine not only reduces the consumption of raw materials, but also has another advantage that the strength of three-layer film is 30% higher than that of single-layer film. Compared with ABC layer machine, ABA film blowing machine is also more economical because it lacks an extruder. The cost of raw materials (HDPE / LDPE) continues to rise every year, so many packaging film manufacturers equipped with coextrusion blown film extruders begin to produce three-layer (ABA) films to reduce costs and replace the traditional single-layer and two-layer blown film extruders to remain competitive in the market.

ABA film blowing machine is used to blow high and low pressure polyethylene films (LDPE, HDPE). The products are widely used in the packaging of composite films, packaging bags, agricultural covering films, textiles, clothing bags, etc. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to increase the stability of the host and save power. The traction frame adopts lifting type, which can achieve the best film cooling effect.

As a manufacturer of film blowing machine, zhuxin machinery has shifted its main focus to redesigning ABA technology. At the same time, we have also noticed that the market trend of plastic film blowing machine exported to many countries has changed greatly.

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