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Film blowing machine series:  

ABA1300 Film blowing machine  

SJ 75 Single-screw double-die film blowing machine  SJ 55 900 Degradable film blowing machine  

5.5m Film blowing machine  

Film blowing machine  

4200 Three layers film blowing machine

Paper bag machine series :  

ZXFD 460 New type paper bag machine   

330 Autoamtic Square Bottom conjoined two color

 flex-ographic printing machine  

Fully autoamtic square bottom machine with handel making machine  

ZXCY-B450 Paper bag machine  ZXCY-750 Paper bag machine  CY-290 Paper bag machine  CY-180 Paper bag machine  JYS-400 Paper bag machine  CY-400 Paper bag machine  ZXCY 400 paper bag machine  CY 600 paper bag with window   

high speed point tooth food paper bag making machine Paper bag machine
JYS-LT 400 Paper bag machine with printing machine
CYJD -260 Paper bag machine
Printing machine series:  

4 Color synchronous belt high speed printing machine  

ZXRT-41000 A High speed 1000mm four color flexible printing machine  

high speed printing machine  2 color printing machine

Plastic bag making machine series : 

SHXJ 370*4 Double Layer Four Channels Hot Seling And Cold Cutting Bag Machine  RQL 800 Computer Heat-cutting Bag-making machine  DFR 450*2 bag making machine  

CY 430x2 Automatic T-shirt bag making machine  On-roll garbage bag making machine  

Rolling bag-making machine for vest&flat Bags  CY SH 1000 bag making machine  Plastic glove machine
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