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Regular maintenance items of film blowing machine

Join Date:  2022-09-03

1. Feeder system:  clean the filter in time and check the negative pressure feeder system for air leakage.

2. Extruder system:

① Observe the current of pressure instrument and main motor, and clean the screen changer in time

② Check the gearbox, screw and main motor for noise and overheating

③ Check the frequency, current and temperature rise of the frequency converter, and clean the dust of the motor and frequency converter on time.

④ Correct the error between thermocouple measurement and actual temperature.

⑤ Correct the placement of the extruder and adjust the sheave to ensure the placement angle and level of the extruder.

3. Die system:

① The secondary heating method is adopted for startup heating to avoid temperature overshoot.

② Before startup and shutdown, use a copper scraper to clean the accumulated materials and paraffin to clean the film mouth to reduce the influence of precipitates on the film bubbles.

③ After shutdown, cover the protective felt in time to avoid mold damage. (this method is adopted for the upper blower)

④ Regularly check the temperature and current of each temperature zone and the heating plug-in at the film mouth, and correct the temperature difference.

⑤ Correct the levelness of the die and match the center point with the traction.

⑥ The torque wrench shall be used for the removal of die screws, and the operation shall be carried out according to the specified torque. Molybdenum disulfide grease shall be used for high-temperature screws.

⑦ It is forbidden to weld or cut the mold.

4. Air ring maintenance: timely clean up the debris and dust in the air ring

5. Maintenance of traction device: herringbone folding is free of pollution, the pressure of clamping traction (cooling) roller is appropriate, there is no condensate, and the flattening roller operates flexibly.

6. Corona processor maintenance:

① Regularly clean the high-voltage transformer, discharge roller, discharge rack, electric cabinet and adjust the discharge gap;

② Before starting up, check the humidity of the equipment, avoid short circuit of the discharge rack, and check the operating temperature of the discharge roller bearing,

③ Replace the silicone hose in time.

7. Electrical maintenance

① Ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, and the performance parameters meet the requirements,

② Keep proper temperature and humidity, keep good grounding, and pay attention to eliminating electrostatic hazards.

③ Regularly remove the dust from the radiator.

④ It is forbidden to carry out spot maintenance on core components.

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