Zhejiang Zhuxin Machinery Co.,ltd --- Wenzhou Zhuxin Machinery Co.,ltd --- Ruian Zhuxin Machinery Co.,ltd  --- Wenzhou Chenqi Trade Im&Ex Co.,ltd all are one company ! Established in 1989, Zhuxin Machinery Co, Ltd has been the symbol of high quality and excellent service in machinery areas for many years. Our factory is located in Pingyang County, and close to the 104 National Highway. It is about 40 km away from Wenzhou Airport.We researched and developed our machines on basis of advanced technology introduced from developed countries. As a professional and experienced manufacturer in China, we are able to produce many kinds...

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ZHUXIN was founded by several experienced engineers who has been working in Packing Machinery and Printing Machinery for 20 years.

We are really know the Packing/Printing Machinery. Your technical requirement is really understood and achievalbe by our engineers. Also our sales team can provide you 24/7 online work, your questions will be tackled immediately!


ZHUXIN Machinery can provide you not only Packing/Printing Machinery,but also the complete technical programing to realized your wanted products.

ZHUXIN team takes great knowledge and know-how of Machinery industry. Turn-key project with technical recipe is avaliable!


As the step of ZHUXIN Machinery internationlization,ZHUXIN team works with a lot of engineers from all over the world,such as Swedish, German, Russian,Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish etc.

If you have bought ZHUXIN Machinery, Your will be taken good care of by our overseas engineering service team!



20 Years Focused!     Good source of mechanical selection of the world's best partners to provide services to you.
ZHUXIN Printing Machine / Packing Machine / Film Blowing Machine / Paper Bag Machine / Paper Cup Machine / Bag Making Machine is Your Best Choice!

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  • Client For Film Blowing Machine
  • Client For Film Blowing Machine
  • Client For Film Blowing Machine
  • Client For Film Blowing Machine
  • Client For Film Blowing Machine
  • Marina Zhuxin: Hello adil, how is your paper bag machine working now? 250mm size working too?

    Adil  Morocco : Hi, dear, up to now is fine. not yet 250mm because not yet find paper rolls size .

    Marina Zhuxin: OK

    Adil  Morocco : But we run two size smooth

    Marina Zhuxin: OK ,Thanks

    Adil  Morocco : I can help too here, I want make best relationship together.

    Adil  Morocco : ^Q^  ^Q^  ^Q^

    Marina Zhuxin: I hope so......

We are Film Blowing Machine manufacturer from china factory and our business is mainly to produce and sell different type Film Blowing Machine which including Paper Bag Making Machine, Plastic Bag Making Machine ,Plastic Film Extruder, Bag Making Machine, Printing Machine, Recycling Machine, Slitting Machine, Paper Cup Machine, Bubble Film Making Machine, Raw Material Cutting Machine, Coextrusion Blown Film Machine. We also can produce the Film Blowing Machine according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good Film Blowing Machine manufacturer/Supplier and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.

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