Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film MachineMulti Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine

Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine

Model: 3SJ-50/65

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Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine

Model: 3SJ-50/65

Categories:    Coextrusion Blown Film Machine   

Brand:    Zhuxin 

Model:    3SJ-50/65   

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Comments:    3 Layer common extrusion film blowing machine ,we can design different size according to customer's request...

             Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine


1.Die head is layer type spiral mandrel, continuous 360  rotation. 
2.Screen  pack changer design is   reliable,  safe in operation and change the fitter screen easier.
3.Various functional parts may be installed  to  the  lies.,such as length counting
device, vertical cutting device,  cooling  water  row  pipe,  film  spreading roller,scrap collecting device.

The  lines are designed developed by our corporation according to market  need, they reach the advanced levels in the 90s, come up with analogous  lines in home.It is optimum designed on the trounds  of  preference   of analogous lines in foreign and home. The lines can be blown  cotinuous 800/1500mm in  fold  width 0.08mm in  the thickness packaging films, film has good insulation, for instance  holding temperature,  antihumid, antibreeze, anti-rain,anti-rost,  insulation oxygen,oil resistive, and so used for light and  heavy-duty packaging,  for example fresh fruits, meat-feeding,salt   vegetables, fresh milk, drink

Main Technical Variables:

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Suitable MaterialHDPE LDPE LLDPE

Film Width800-1500mm1200-2000mm1600-2500mm
Film Thickness0.028-0.20mm0.028-0.20mm0.03-0.20mm
Max.Extrusion Output220kg/hr290kg/hr380kg/hr

Screw DiameterAφ50 Bφ55 Cφ50Aφ55 Bφ65 Cφ55Aφ65 Bφ70 Cφ65
Screw L/D Length28:1

Screw MaterialSacm-645/38 Crmoala

Cylinder MaterialSacm-645/38 Crmoala

Cylinder Cooling370w x 2/3370wx2/3550wx3/3
Driving Motor(kw)A18.5+B22+C18.5A22+B37+C22A37+B45+C37
Temperature Control3x33x34x3
Average Power-consume80kw95kw120kw
Type of die

Die Size250/300mm400mm500mm
Temperature Control4

Air Ring1

Air Blower7.5kw11kw15kw
Take-up Unit

Roller WidthΦ165x1600Φ190x2100Φ190x2600
Take-up Speed5-60m/min5-45m/min5-45m/min
Take-up Motor1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Winding Unit

TypeSurface Friction Type

Winding Motor1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Winding Speed5-60m/min5-45m/min5-45m/min
Outline Diameter(LxWxH)9.5x4.5x7.5m10.5x5.0x9m11.5x5.5x10m

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We are Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine suppliers/manufacturers from china factory . We also can produce the Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good Multi Layer Coextrusion Blown Film Machine, film blowing machine, blown film machine, three layer co extrusion blown film machine, heavy duty bag blown film machine, high speed blown film machine manufacturers/suppliers and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.
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