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How to Catch Money in a Money Blowing Machine

Join Date:  2017-3-6

Trade fairs and conventions, tourists often can be found gathered around the small box contains a person ahead of the seemingly hundreds of flying dollar bills. Money blowing machine may look easy money, but they are much more difficult than you think, add money blowing machine operators to impose a variety of rules, to seize it more difficult to make money. Some people may limit you with one hand. Some people may give you an all of the bills must be inserted into bags. Money, a little advanced preparation and observation, to learn how to capture the money blowing machine is very easy.

1 The rule requires, but does not provide any recommendations. For example, do not ask, "I can with both hands?" This will allow them the chance to say "no" to the simple rule requirements, if they did not mention that "you can not use your hands" is allowed.

2 If you have time to make proper preparations for the hair gel to your hands and let them dry. This will make them slightly sticky, which will allow air easier, from grab dollars. It may also be interpreted as blatant cheating.

3 A bill for a period of time. You will be tempted to make each a crazy grab in the entire monetary blow cavity Act, but this will only make it more difficult for eye-catching bill.

4 With both hands, if you are allowed. The biggest money grab potential, but also to allow air to push bills to pass through your fingers, spread your fingers wide. Keep your hands about a foot in front of you ready to clap their bill. Focus on a bill, so fast, you can capture to the bill clapping.

5 If you are only allowed to catch up with the bill on the one hand, to ensure maximum coverage to spread your fingers wide. Inserted into bills masses together in concert to use your hands. Focus on one bill at a time. Keep the looting continued, until you get a bill. Another good one-handed technique to enter the slam on your body your hand, to capture notes or slam them on the chamber walls. (Just make sure it is not against the rules, otherwise you will be disqualified.)

6 Give focus to snatch another bill into the operators of the bills in your pocket or any bag, you immediately. Remember, you will only be allowed to keep your container stuffed the bills, so do not hold the notes too long. The sooner you can empty your hand, you can grab more bills.

7 From the ground dollars. Most operators will tell you in advance you have to snatch the notes in flight, but if they do not specify this from the beginning, look down, see if there is at your feet bills cluster. If you can not use your hands to scoop up these bills, and then kick and shuffle your feet spread into the air, so you can snatch them.

8 Scoop dollars from the ceiling. The hardest place to snatch notes, and they rise or fall, but once hit the ceiling, they are only temporary hover just fall down. Sometimes, the best place to find and focus on easy to catch up with the bill is directly over your head.

9 Money blowing machine operators will force you to wear safety glasses, means more obstacles than protecting your peripheral vision, so to ensure that you spin your head around to get the best flight bill that. Do not just focus on the bill in front of you.

10 Maintain flight notes off pursuit. Do not let their own to celebrate.

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