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Die Cutting Machines

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Die cutting machines are used to convert sheet or web materials into desired shapes. These are used to process rubber sheets, non-woven textiles and woven cloth. Basically, there are two types of die cutting machines - rotary die cutters and clicker presses. Automated die cutting machines are used for cutting dies with precise and minimal tolerances. Rotary die cutters, also known as roller press die cutters, are used in the high-speed processing of sheet and web material. The rotary die cutting machines press roller-shaped cutting dies against a web. Web materials are inserted into the rotating roller dies and then changed into desired shapes. Clicker presses employ manual conversion of web materials. This press consists of a wide plate or table with a smaller swing-arm head. For more difficult jobs, full head and traveling head machines are used. The cutting speed of the die cutting machine is controlled by an electronic inverter. Top performance, high-speed, reliable cutting results and high precision are the essential advantages of a good die cutting machine. The machines are available in several sizes and shapes for various die cutting requirements. Most die cutting machines offer a lifetime warranty and are able to provide a maximum pressure of 10 to 20 tons. The new generation machines come with excellent efficiency and high precision. There are high-speed hydraulic die cutting machines that can make 15,000 to 25,000 cuts in eight hours. Several common technologies are used by die cutting machines. Some of them are driven by pneumatic cylinders or air-powered. Some machines have hydraulic components. Low-cost devices such as manual presses are perfect for simple applications such as creating identification cards.

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